PE Bjørdal delivers products, systems and building constructions for the most advanced aquaculture systems on shore and sea.

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The Bjørdal Smolt grading machines are designed and built in the Bjørdal facilities in Norway.

Bjørdal Smolt Grader Small: Fish from 5 -250 grams
Bjørdal Smolt Grader Large: Fish from 250 - 1000 grams
Bjørdal Cleaning fish grader

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Farming of salmon, trout and other species in open water in cages of net, require a thorough procedure of cleaning, service and impregnation of the nets.Reducing the pollution, Bjørdal delivers integrated or free standing units for filtration and recycling of washing water.

For Service vessels we use our experience from seafood processing and land based aquaculture and design the solutions you need.

Complete On board stun and bleed solutions are delivered either in standard containers, made for mobilization or integrated in the vessel design.
Bjørdal delivers these systems with vacuum pump and RSW system at your option.

Within the sea-based aquaculture sector, service vessels with different purposes are necessary for the daily operation.

PE Bjørdal are utilizing the knowledge, experience and equipment from both land-based aquaculture as well as processing vessels and can offer a wide range of solutions that covers most of the onboard processing.

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The Bjørdal factories and equipment for crab processing, take care of all logistics and production also on landbased factories. The output from the factories are  ready to market frozen products of the highest quality.

The Bjørdal pelagic factories takes care of all logistics and processing from sorting of fish to ready to market frozen products.

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