Our team

Thor Ivar Hamar

Supply Chain Manager

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Magnus Hjelle

Technical Manager

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Nils Ove Berge

Project Engineer – Service

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Stian Lid Kleppe

Project Manager – Automation

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Petter Tømmerbakk

Project Engineer - Service

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Marita Bjerkvik

Project Manager

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Rolf Hjelle


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Thomas Håberg

Sales Manager Fishery

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Tom Slenes


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Torstein Gjersdal

Aquaculture Solutions

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Marius Strandmann

Project Engineer Constructions

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Per Tore Rekkedal

Technical Manager Aquaculture

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Bjørdal Executive Group
The Bjørdal Executive Team
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    +47 70 04 72 50
    For inquieries: sales@pebjordal.no
    For other purposes: mail@pebjordal.no
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    We offer 24/7 support to all of our clients
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