Our solutions

Our solutions

Within the sea-based aquaculture sector, service vessels with different purposes are necessary for the daily operation.

PE Bjørdal are utilizing the knowledge, experience and equipment from both land-based aquaculture as well as processing vessels and can offer a wide range of solutions that covers most of the onboard processing.

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We create seafood processing solutions

PE Bjørdal delivers products, systems and building constructions for the most advanced aquaculture systems on shore and sea.

PE Bjørdal was established in 1907 and with more than 110 years history it is one of the cornerstone companies in the Ørsta community.

Bjørdal has always had a strong customer focus and have together with the fishermen and fish farmers developed both competence, products and quality mentality since the 1980's - this is the background for our slogan "Quality is our brand".

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