January 13, 2022

Frøy Vest - rebuild of water inlet and salmon sorting system of Frøy Merline

We met Frøy Vest in January 2020 and were challenged with one of their most crucial problems; to get the water separators and sorting machines for the de-licing system rebuild in order to obtain approval for the seasonal de-licing jobs.

With our experience from sorting and water separation from both smolt and pelagic fishery we felt confident we had the right competence to do this project.

A case study with 3D design of the solution - discussed with both Frøy Vest and their customer gave us the opportunity to solve the case.

On time, Easter 2020, during the worst spring in newer history, test sorting were done with success.

Frøy Merlin can now delice salmon according to their customer satisfaction.

They can pump fish faster than before

They can sort out cleaning fish and scrap fish before the de-licing system and keep the strictest requirements for fish health and welfare.

Thank you for the job!

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