January 26, 2021

New contract in the aquaculture segment

We are happy to announce firm contract for delivery of equipment and arrangmentes for sorting and counting of smolt including one Bjørdal Smolt grader small for fish up to 250 grams and one Bjørdal Smolt grader larger for fish up to 1000 grams.

In addition Bjørdal will arrange layout, deliver and install related parts of the building as well as adapted stairs and walkways for a most efficient sorting process.

The contract is signed with Lerøy MIdt for their Belsvik location.

The Bjørdal sortingmachines are designed and built at our Norwegian factory in Ørsta.  Allsteps in the production are carefully tailored for optimum fish welfare.

This delivery will have included digital fish-counter as well as return of RAS water.

The delivery will take place Q2 2021.

PE Bjørdal is proud to be chosen as supplier for this project in a demanding market. The contract underlines our position as quality supplier within the aquaculture sector, a sector that is significant to the revenue and growth of our company.

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New contract in the fishery market

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