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September 22, 2022

New contract in the fishery market

We do look forward to Nor-Fishing 2022

one of the most important meeting places for our PE Bjørdal team as well as the entire fishing and aquaculture industry. You'll find us at stand F-510.

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Our suitcase of experiences, new knowledge and products, have had an immense growth the last years and now span the following:

Pollock Trawlers

Pollock trawlers factory processing pollock, hake and byproducts such as roe, milk and liver as well as meal and oil. We have designed the largest factories up to 600 tons pr day catch, including all process equipment, freezers, and on-board logistics.

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Trawlers and Long Liners

Trawlers and long liners with the most advanced HG and fillet factory including freezers, freezing hotel for robotized sorting of final product cartons, and included palletizer system. All for a rational and lean production.

On Board and On Shore snow- and king crab

On board and on shore - snow- and king crab factories processing up to 60 tons pr day of final frozen market ready high-quality products.

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Island Scallop Factory

Island scallop factory processing up to 100 tons of raw materials pr day, producing graded, final frozen and glazed products in market ready cartons.

Salmon Bleeding Vessel

Salmon bleeding vessel, complete system from sea to shore- including fish pumps, filters, grader, bleeding robots, bleeding screw and washing system for factory, pipes and fish tanks. The system is designed for 50 tons pr hour capacity but might easily be scaled upwards.

Salmon De-lice Vessel

Salmon de-lice vessel with up to 600 tons pr hour capacity, all fish logistics, gentle removing of cleaner – and scrap fish as well as de-liceing of the salmon.

Bjørdal Automation System

Bjørdal Automation System for all the above references with local control of machines, local control of machine and system status, sentral reporting of system status and production as well as cloud accessibility. Proven, reliable and not least – user friendly and adaptable on all levels.

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The Team

We have the team to deliver, install and support your choice of system.

Do you want to have a look at - or know more about the factories or equipment?

Stop by our stand F- 510, book a meeting upfront the exhibition or send us an email.

Team Bjørdal

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PE Bjørdal Sales

PE Bjørdal has signed a new contract for delivery of a complete factory for the new build Stødig at Karstensen Shipyard for the shipowner Asbjørn Selsbane.

Included in the contract is factory design, Bjørdal Automation System, equipment and installation services and delivery will take place in mid 2022.

The factory is designed to utilize an all year fishing season with a flexibility to produce and freeze:

  • White fish Head and Gutted
  • Industry shrimp
  • Calanus finmarchicus
  • Ophilio / Snow crab  - raw or boiled - ready to market products.

PE Bjørdal have during the years become renown for the design of lean and flexible factories - as well as having an in depth compethence in seafood processing. This contract is clearly a result of this experience.

The Bjørdal Automation System and Factory equipment will be made from the Bjørdal factory in Ørsta - Norway

Bjørn Meek, CEO of PE Bjørdal comments that:

"This is another important contract for PE Bjørdal for the northern Norwegian region, showcasing the modern and highly flexible fishing vessels beeing built now, where we are able to meet the requirements from the hands-on fishermen both in design, quality and price."

For further questions, please contact

Oddbjørn Følsvik

VP Marketing & Sales

P: +47 95 79 37 07

In the picture (from left)

Shipowners Erlend Hansen and Andreas Hansen - Senior Sales Manager Per Magne Gjerde

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