January 18, 2021

New prestigious contracts in the fishery segment 18.01.2021

Prestigiouscontract for PE Bjørdal


PE Bjørdal has signed contract for design, production and complete delivery of factories for two state of the art trawlers under construction at Tersan Shipyard.

PE Bjørdal is chosen as supplier by the shipowners JFK-Trol at Faroe Island and Parlevliet& van der Plas in Holland after presentation of the best and most attractive solutions.

The contract award amounts for PE Bjørdal to a one year production period.


The factory for JFK-Trol is equipped for production of fillet and HG (head and gutted fish) of whitefish in addition to block frozen redfish and Greenland halibut. The factory has a freezing capacity of more than 100 tons pr day. The Bjørdal on board production, logistics and automation solutions makes sure the high- quality products out of the factory are ready for delivery to the market, on ready sorted pallets.

The factory for the Parlevliet & van der Plas project has the same scope as forJFK-Trol but have in addition a process line for production of 30 tons of shrimps pr day, also these packed and ready for delivery to market on ready sorted pallets.


The two vessels are classified as Arctic Multipurpose Freezer Trawlers and are designed by Skipsteknisk in Ålesund. The vessels are 87,5 meter long and have a width of 18 meters.


Bjørn Meek, CEO of PE Bjørdal says in a comment:

We see this as a result of the thorough and systematic work that has been done in PE Bjørdal through the last years. We have made huge investments in modern technology and production equipment, as well as the best available tools within design and resource planning. Through our organizational strengthening as well as last year increase in company equity, PEB has strengthened its position as a preferred provider of process solutions for the fishing industry.


Owner of JFK-Trol, Mr. Hanus Hansen is confident in his choice of supplier of factory.

“I have a Bjørdal factory in my existing vessel and the quality that Bjørdal have delivered is state of the art” says Mr. Hansen. Mr. Hansen is further impressed by the way Bjørdal have worked together with the shipowner to develop the future factory and the ability that Bjørdal have to refine the ideas and requests from the owners. “They are talking the fishermen’s language” says Mr.Hansen.


Mr. Henk Guijt from Parlevliet & van der Plas is very satisfied with the design phase developing the factory for their new vessel.

“PE Bjørdal is a new partner for us but the cooperation and solution we have reached, makes us confident that the quality and final result will add value to our project.”



For further questions, please contact

Mr. Oddbjørn Følsvik

VP Marketing & Sales

PE Bjørdal


T: 95793707

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